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Located in Huangyan-based Chengjiang Industrial Estate,Taizhou,Zhejiang,Zhongzhou Graphite (Zhejiang) Co.,
Ltd.is in the middle of Zhejiang’s coastline,bordering Jiaojiang District,Luqiao District,Wenling City,Yueqing City,Xi
anju County,Yongjia County,and Linhai City in all directions. It is about 207km from Hangzhou,the capital of Zhejiang,boasting a superior geographic position and convenienttransportation.Zhongzhou Graphite is a high-tech enterprise integrating R &D,manufacturing,marketing,installation,andservice.Based on its powerfultechnical strength,it is devoted to the R & D and processing of new energy products and main components.In addition,it manufactures
highpurity,graphite,is ostaticpressing for medgraphite,graphitecrucibles,graphiteboat,EDM graphite,graphiteelectrodes,
graphite carbon rods,and precise graphite productsapplying to the industries such as semiconductor......
Application field
  • EDM Electrosparking
  • Solar photovoltaic and semiconductor industry
  • Nonferrous metal continuous casting and ceramic industry
  • Vacuum oven, sintering industry
  • Glass industry
  • Military, aerospace, and nuclear industry
  • Condenser/heat exchanger
  • Fuel cell

EDM Electrosparking

mainly used for processing precise and tiny workpieces with variouscomplicated shapes,such as punches and

dies,punch-dies,retainers,stripperplates,profile cutters,templates,metal electrodes for EDM,tiny holes andgrooves,

narrow slots,and curves.Boasting the advantages such as smallmachining allowances,high processing accuracy, short lead time,and lowproduction cost,it has been widely applicable to production.So far,the WEDMmachines at home and abroad account for more than 60% of overall electricalprocess machines.

Solar photovoltaic and semiconductor industry
Solar photovoltaic system is also known as photovoltage (photovoltaics for short).It refers to a facility that converts solar energy into direct current by usingphotovoltaic facilities is the solar cell panel.Main semiconductor materialsthe photovoltaic effect of photovoltaic semiconductor materials.The core of amorphous silicon,and cadmium telluride.Thephotovoltaic industry has been for powergeneration include monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon,in recent years growing rapidly as a result of worldwide promotion of renewable energy sources
Nonferrous metal continuous casting and ceramic industry
Nonferrous metals refer to those other than ferrous metals such as iron,manganese,and chrome.Compared with ferrous metals,they have special properties such as corrosion resistance,abrasion resistance,electrical conductivity,thermal conductivity,tenacity,rolling.It is an important material required for developing modern industry,high strength,radioactivity,ductility,plasticity,and good compressionand national defense,and science a
nd technology.
Vacuum oven, sintering industry
Equipment for heating in a vacuum environment.In the furnace chamber sealed with a metal cover or a quartz glass cover,pipes are used to connect with a high vacuum pump system.The furnace vacuum degree can reach 133×(10-2~10-4)Pa.The heating system in the furnace can be directly heated by resistance furnace wires (such as tungsten wires),or by high frequency induction heating.The highest temperature can reach around 3000℃.Mainly used for ceramic firing,vacuum smelting,electric vacuum parts degassing,annealing,brazing of metal parts, and ceramic-metal sealing,etc.Vacuum sintering is a method of sintering ceramic blanks under vacuum conditions.The water vapor,hydrogen,oxygen and other gases contained in the pores of the oxide ceramic blanks are dissolved and diffused along the grain boundaries of the
blanks or pass through the sintering process.The particles can escape from the pores.However, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide,especially nitrogen,are not easy to escape from the pores due to their low solubility,resulting in pores in the product and a decrease in density.If the green body is sintered under vacuum conditions,all gas will escape from the pores before the green body is completely sintered,so that the product does not contain pores,thereby increasing the density of the product.

Glass industry

For the glass industry,graphite is mainly used for producing glass,making glass blowing moulds and graphite barricades in the molten tin baths for producing float glass to prevent glass melt from bonding with refractory materials. Inaddition,it is used for producing graphite baffle plate to prevent unnecessary convection of tin liquor.For glass blowing moulds,graphite moulds are used to form glass products,or they are used for glass jigs as well.

Military, aerospace, and nuclear industry

For the aerospace and nuclear industries,isostatic pressing formed graphite is used for producing the jet nozzles ofrockets due to its small

expansion factor.The non-magnetism of graphite isused for the nose cones of missiles,space navigation equipment parts,andthermal insul

ation materials.

Condenser/heat exchanger

As a part of refrigerating system,the condenser is a kind of heat exchanger.It can convert gas or steam into liquid and rapidly transmit the heat in pipes to ambient air.Its working process is one that releases heat.Therefore,its temperature is relatively high.
The heat exchanger is a device transferring a portion of heat of thermal fluid to cold fluid.It plays an important role in the industries such as chemical
engineering,petroleum,power,food and so on.For chemical production,it can be used as a heater,cooler,condenser,evaporator,or reboiler
Fuel cell
Also known as electrochemical generator,the fuel cell is a chemical device that directly converts chemical energy into electric energy.It is the fourth power technology after hydroelectric generation,thermal power generation,and partially converts the Gibbs free energy in the chemical energy of fuel into nuclear electric power generation.It has a high efficiency because it Carnot cycle effects.In addition,it uses fuel and oxygen as raw materials.electric energy through electrochemicalreactions without being restricted by absence of mechanical drive parts. In terms of energy saving and ecological,And it produces no noise pollution and few harmful gases as a result of theenvironment protection,the fuel cell is the most promising power technology.
Graphite electrode
Graphite mould

Graphite crucible

Special mould

Graphite rotor

Semi-continuous casting graphite mould
Graphite rod and graphiteblock

Horizontal continuous casting graphite mould

Graphite electrode industry
Graphite crucible industry
Glass industry
Isostatic graphite industry
Military aerospace industry
Condenser heat exchanger industry
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